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Stem Cells for Disc Herniation

” Stem cell therapy for patients with low back pain is now becoming a reality”

Dr. Damon Noto


The study published this January showed that mesenchymal precursor cells (MPCs)  treatment provided significant therapeutic results for patients with discogenic low back pain.

The study enrolled 100 patients across 13 sites in the United States and Australia, all suffering from chronic moderate to severe discogenic low back pain. Out of the 100 randomized patients, 20 received direct intra-disc injection of saline, 20 received hyaluronic acid, 30 received 6 million allogeneic MPCs in hyaluronic acid carrier and 30 received 18 million allogeneic MPCs in hualuronic acid carrier.

In 12 months, patients who had MPCs treatment used less opioids for pain relief, had greater radiographically-determined disc stability, showed reduction in mean disability score and underwent less additional surgical and non-surgical interventions for persistent pain at the treated disc level. The MPCs treatments also appeared to be well tolerated during the study.

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