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Can Enjoying the Summer Sun Relieve Arthritis Pain?

After a long cold spell, many people can’t wait for the summer to arrive. This can be especially true when you live with arthritis. If you’ve been dreaming of basking in the sun all winter, you’ll be happy to hear that enjoying the summer sun comes with no shortage of health benefits. Among other things, sunlight contributes to healthy skin and lowers cholesterol.

Better yet, many arthritis patients find the warm weather helps ease their joint pain. In fact, sunlight is one of the most natural and effective treatments for arthritic pain. Here’s why.


Vitamin D

Spending time in the sun enables your body to produce vitamin D, which contributes to muscle health, strengthens the immune system, and helps with calcium absorption–crucial for healthy bones. Vitamin D also aids with muscle movement and helps reduce inflammation.

In fact, vitamin D plays an important role in treating osteoarthritis, which occurs when joint cartilage wears down. The nutrient positively affects your bone cartilage and strengthens your joints, greatly reducing the damage caused by osteoarthritis and slowing it from developing further.


Sunlight and vitamin D deficiency

Many arthritis patients have a vitamin D deficiency, causing brittle bones, low calcium and phosphorus levels, and an increased risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis.

Soaking up some of that summer sun is a great way to boost your vitamin D levels. You can start by spending ten minutes in the sun two or three times a week, and go from there. Remember to use plenty of sun cream to protect your skin, and keep a cooling bottle of water nearby so you don’t become dehydrated. Or better yet, go swimming in an outdoor pool–swimming is easy on the joints and helps to strengthen your flexibility and strength.

Damaged cartilage puts stress on your joints. As your body’s vitamin D replenishes, your muscles grow stronger and the stress eases up. You may notice your arthritis pain lessening as your spend more time outside during the summer. The warm weather can also ease up your joints and relax your muscles, making your body less tense and putting a smile on your face all summer long.

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