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What is Sacroiliac Joint Pain?

If your lower back is hurting and you don’t know why, you may have a sacroiliac joint injury. It might hurt when you sit down, move around, or even when Read More

Is Arthritis on the Rise?

Arthritis can be a painful and sometimes debilitating condition to live with. Unfortunately, the number of cases seems to be on the rise. According to a study published in Proceedings Read More

Alternative Therapies for Sports Injuries

Sports-related injuries can feel especially cruel—the same physical activity that helps you live a healthy lifestyle can sometimes mean a trip to the ER. If you’ve experienced a sports injury, Read More

Benefits of Multivitamins

Published by The Epoch Times on March 22, 2014 “The purpose of creating a multivitamin pill was not to prevent chronic disease but to prevent nutritional deficiencies.” Dr. Damon Noto Read More

Anti-Inflammatory Diet

back pain, chronic pain, joint pain

  “A patient’s diet can have a large effect on their healing ability and their pain. A high inflammatory diet often contributes to a patient’s chronic pain”  Dr. Damon Noto   Our Read More

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