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Stem Cell Therapy for Disc Herniation

A recent study evaluated the benefits of adult stem cell therapy on low back back and the results were extremely positive. Adult (non-controversial) stem cells are derived from one’s own Read More

Stem Cells for Disc Herniation

” Stem cell therapy for patients with low back pain is now becoming a reality” Dr. Damon Noto The study published this January showed that mesenchymal precursor cells (MPCs)  treatment Read More

A New Prospect on Organ Regeneration

Stem cells for organ regeneration

A tissue-engineered body part is an amazing achievement.  It is a medical advancement that could benefit many.                                                                                                 – Dr. Damon Noto Regenerative medicine has offered us a glimpse of Read More

What is IRAP Therapy?

Regenerative medicine is constantly evolving.  IRAP is just another example of its great promise. -Dr. Damon Noto You may have heard that NBA’s injured center Greg Oden is going to Read More

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