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Individual Treatment Plans

Highly trained and experienced in pain management, orthopedics, and acupuncture, our team takes a patient-centered approach and focuses on each individual’s psychological, emotional, and lifestyle needs when selecting a course of treatment…

Conservative Care

We do everything possible to avoid surgery and recommend it only when absolutely necessary. We prefer to treat our patients with physical therapy and rehabilitation, state-of-the-art injection therapies, and other minimally invasive procedures to treat spine & joint disorders.

Many patients with spine and joint problems are seeking a safe and non-invasive way of treating their condition. Spine & Joint Center uses cutting-edge regenerative medicine to treat a wide range of spine and joint conditions safely and without surgery.

By utilizing non-embryonic stem cells, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), natural growth factors, and supplements, Spine & Joint Center can significantly improve a patient’s condition – and pain symptoms – without the need for more aggressive treatments like long-term medication or surgery. Patients may see a remarkable return of function and an improved quality of life.

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